Issue 05

Oct, 2020

​The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies have published their fifth annual journal, Istishraf. It includes the following studies: “Three Stages of Arab World Demographic Transition” by Youssef Kerbaj; “Demographic Shifts in the Arab Countries and Trends of Migration to Europe” by Mohamed Khachani; “The Effects of Demographic Pressures on the Sustainability of Natural Resources in the Arab Region: an Intergenerational Equity Analysis” by ElHoucine Chougrani and Brahim Elmorchid; “UN Population Projections to 2100: A Critical Reading of the World Population Prospects 2019 Report” by the Editorial Board; “Demographic Rupture and Prospects of Population Dynamics in Syria” by Mada Shuraiki; “Population Aging in Algeria: Current Situation and Future Trends” by Karima Bouaziz; “Population and Development Strategies in Lebanon: Missed Opportunities and Potential Opportunities” by Hala Nofal; “Palestinian Population in the Palestinian Territories: Future Expectations and Developmental Needs” by Mohammad Duraidi; “The Reality of the Demographic Imbalance in the State of Qatar and its Futures: Implications and Solutions” by Abdul Hadi Saleh Al Shawi Almarri; and “Between Demographic Surge and Aging: A Reading on Demographic Shifts and Social Policies in Omani Society” by Mubarak Khamis al-Hamdani.

The issue also includes two translated studies: “Youth Bulge: Demographic Dividend, Time Bomb, and other Futures, with Reference to the MENA” by Sohail Inayatullah, translated by the Editorial Board; and “Demographic and Economic Material Factors in the MENA Region” by Musa McKee and others, translated by the editorial board. The Reviews section includes: “Kingdom of Morocco’s Report on Demography by 2050, An Analytical Reading:  Population and Household and Projections, 2014-2050" by Rachid Benbih; “The World's Growing Population: A Curse or a Blessing? A Critical Reading of Jacques Veron’s Should We Be Afraid of the World’s Population?”  by the editorial board; Majd Abuamer’s review of Palestinians Worldwide: A Demographic Study by Youssef Courbage and Hala Nofal;  Yara Nassar’s review of Demography and Democracy: Transitions in the Middle East and North Africa by  Elhum Haghighat; and Abdellatif El Moutadayene’s review of International Politics and Population Increase: Between the Old Malthus Prophecy and Neo-Malthusian Solutions by Naji Muhammad al-Hattash.

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