Issue 03

Oct, 2018

​Energy constitutes a major concern for the Arab world as serious questions arise regarding the region’s energy consumption, energy efficiency, sustainable development and the overall management of oil and gas post peak era. Addressing these challenges requires a radical change in energy systems and energy consumption patterns, in addition to promoting clean and sustainable renewable energy resources. This, in turn, requires collective efforts in formulating and implementing efficient public and private policies on the one hand, and in carrying out studies and research in areas of innovation and forecast on the other. It is within this context that the annual peer-reviewed ACRPS journal Istishraf dedicates this issue to “Forecasting the Future of Energy”. Divided into three sections (studies, translations and reviews), the studies section comprises ten research papers that analyze the problematics of energy sources in the Arab world while also considering the future of energy worldwide and its technological developments. Studies featured in the translation section focus on clean and renewable energy and its future role in the energy market. Finally, the review section features reviews and discussions of the most influential books recently published in this field. 

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