Issue 07

Dec, 2022

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies have published their seventh annual journal, Istishraf. It includes the following studies: “Climate Change Challenges and Future Challenges for the Transition to "Green Jobs": Criticism of the Capitalist Perspective” by Elhoucine Chougrani; “Exploring the Futures of Research Work in the Social Sciences and Humanities” by Jamal Barout and Morad Diani; “Forecasting the Futures of Medical Practice and their Stakes in the Arab World” by the Editorial Board; “The Future of Women's Participation in the Arab Labour Market: Partial Econometric Analysis of the Case of North African Countries” by Brahim Morchid and Aomar Ibourk; “Towards Forecasting the Future of Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Arab countries” by Mohamed Abderazak Hussein and Monged Abdalla; and “The Future of Work Considering the Artificial Intelligence Revolution” by the Editorial Board. 

The issue also includes Aoumria Soltani’s translation of the study: “The Future of Work: A Systematic Literature Review” by Rebecca Mitchell, Yun Shen, and Lan Snell. Finally, the Editorial Board presents a critical review of the book The Workplace you need now: Shaping Spaces for the Future of Work. The issue also contains a section dedicated to future topics, including the Editorial Board’s translations of “The Gulf Crisis and the Transformations of Power Politics: A Systemic Crisis in a Political Context Marked by Weakness” by Bertrand Badie and “How will we live in 2050?” by Cécile Désaunay. The section also includes the articles: “Forecasting the Impact of Technological Development on Modern Wars and the Military Power of Small States” by Fahad Hamad Aladba, “The Metaverse: An Expansion of Surveillance Capitalism?” by Kevin Jae and “Habitus of the Future: The Structuring Effect of our Relationship with Technology” by Ralph Mercer.

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